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Faculty Resources: Other Streaming Video

This guide provides information about services and resources available through the Cayuga Community College Library. It also provides links to resources related to teaching, learning, and professional development in higher education.

Streaming Video Resources Across the Web

These web resources vary in accessibility and license. Always use good judgment when using materials from the web in your classes.

Open Access Streaming Video

These sources are freely available and free of charge but may still be under a traditional copyright license. Be sure to look at individual licenses before altering or publicly screening videos. Some sites/videos may contain ads.

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Pay Services for Video Streaming

The following are popular video-on-demand services. Each has a different pricing structure with thousands of streaming movies and TV shows available. Users may also be able to rent or buy individual titles. 

Note that videos purchased or licensed with these services still fall under standard copyright and may not include licenses to stream in a classroom.

  • Google Play
    • Rent/buy individual titles
  • Hulu
    • Subscription
  • iTunes
    • Rent/buy individual titles
  • Netflix
  • Prime Video from Amazon
    • Subscription & Rent/buy individual titles

Looking for something specific? JustWatch and Reelgood allow you to search for a film or TV show and discover where you can stream and/or purchase it through these popular video-on-demand services.

Streaming Video at Other Libraries

Many public libraries, including Seymour Library in Auburn, the Fulton Public Library, and the New York Public Library, offer video streaming services to their users. 

Quick Guide to Common Copyright Licenses

It's especially important to be aware of copyright licenses when working with content online. The three most common copyright licenses are:

Copyright: All rights reserved

All original work - printed, recorded, or shared online -  is automatically protected by a standard copyright license.

Creative Commons: Some rights reserved

The copyright holder chooses to allow others to use their work in ways designated by the license. There are several Creative Commons licenses to be aware of, and the license should be indicated on the work.

Public Domain: No rights reserved

Anyone can use the work in any way. Copyright owners can designate their work as public domain or works fall into the public domain after a set period of time.

If a work doesn't state otherwise, you should assume that it's licensed under a standard, all-rights-reserved copyright.

Contact for Film Requests

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Renee Schmidt
197 Franklin St.
Auburn, NY 13021
315-294-8639 x2338

Can't find what you're looking for?

Faculty: Are you looking for a video to use in your classes? Contact us and we'll do what we can to find or purchase the video content you need for your classes.