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Early Childhood Education: ECH 110 Assignment Tips

This guide provides tips and information on many different resources available for Early Childhood Education students.

Alphabet Cards

Assignment: Create a complete set of alphabet cards using your theme

For this assignment you are required to find photographic images of the items you have selected to represent the alphabet.  You cannot use illustrations, paintings or clip art.

There are many sources for free images.  Try any of these.

"Publisher" software is available on library computers to make alphabet cards.  Ask an available library staff person for card stock and laminating.


Author Study

Assignment: Develop an informational presentation about your author or illustrator

To find reference sources about your author, consult the Reference Sources  tab above.

To find journal articles about your author, consult the "Best Bets for Journal Articles" in the Reference Sources tab above. 

Also explore the Library databases below.

Library databases for Author Study

Something About the Author in print is available on the Auburn campus.

Story Sequencing Mat

Assignment: Create a story sequencing mat and activity for your theme. 

Search the Library catalog for information on how to create a story sequencing mat.  For example,  to create a mat to help preschoolers learn their colors, do the following search: preschool and colors

There are also many online journals and magazines available through the library's Discovery Search.

Browse the following print journals that are available in either the Auburn or Fulton campus libraries for examples and ideas for creating your story sequencing mat:

Instructor  (also in print in Auburn)

School Arts (also in print in Auburn)

Search Google for ideas for a story sequencing mat. Type in the Google search box: story sequencing mat activities for preschoolers

Book File

Assignment:  Read the assigned number of picture books and write a brief summary of each book.

Review the "Finding Children's Books In The Library' tutorial located on the Children's Books and Book Reviews tab.