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Computer Science: Find Web Resources

Guide to research resources for computer science students at CCC.

Computer Science Web Resources

University of Albany Computer Science Web Resources lists useful computer science web resources.  A variety of professional organizations, reference sources, and research archives are listed.


Webopedia offers definitions for technology related terms.

Information about Software

Microsoft Office Training--Training from Microsoft.  Includes videos for Office 2007 applications.


Web 2.0 tools--mostly free tools that offer applications categorized by purpose (video, music, collaboration).

Programming Resources

C ++ Tutorials and Resources

Learn C++ Today



Java Script Kit Java Script Tutorials--look for the tutorial that fits your level of experience.

W3 Schools Java Script Tutorials

Webteacher--a good beginning, basic tutorial that explains Java.


Linux training


Search for Programming Tutorials

Search on programming for tutorials on learning various programming languages.


If you want training or instructional material on a programming language or a software package, type the search term "tutorial" and whatever you are looking for in a search engine. 

For example, if you're looking for Java training, search for

Java and tutorials

You can also add in the keyword beginner if you want basic tutorials.

Also, look at CCC Library's ebooks and databases to find information on how to learn various programming languages and software.

Information about the Internet

Internet Tutorials is a guide to the web for beginners, which includes an introduction to terminology and how to get started.

Internet101 is a basic tutorial covering general technology and terminology related to the Internet.

Glossary of Internet and Web Jargon provides readable definitions of web terminology.