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Business: Entrepreneurship Resources

A collection of resources that will be useful for Business Students at Cayuga Community College.

Suggested Databases

Non-Credit Classes at CCC for Entrepreneurship

Go to    

Click on Workforce Development     

Click on Entepreneruship and Business

Information Within Our Local Area

Business Incubator Association of NY State to expand the resources available to start-up companies; to work with policy-makers on matters affecting growth and development; to promote educational activities within the state and to network incubators.

Falcone Center for Entrepreneurship - is the outreach arm of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises in the Whitman School of Management. The mission of the Falcone Center is the facilitation of entrepreneurial activity on the campus, in the local and regional community, and beyond. The Falcone Center offers a portfolio of innovative programs and initiatives for various constituencies. These programs are organized into two areas: student and campus-focused initiatives and community entrepreneurship programs.

South Side Innovation Center  a project of the Whitman School at Syracuse University.  Their mission is to increase the vitality of the local and area economy by recruiting, nurturing, and training a diverse group of emerging amd mature businesses, providing them with business incubation, development, education, market access. and credit assistance, using highly skilled trained professional counselors.


For-Credit Classes at CCC for Entrepreneurship

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On the top line of the CCC webpage, click on Academics       

Scroll down to: Programs of Study

Click on Business Adminstration      

Under Program Learning Outcomes, click on Concentrations      

Scroll down to: Entrepreneurship Concentrations

Subject Guide

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On-line Sites For Research

Sites to research:  - a free service founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.  Find easy-to-follw, practical information you can use to start and grow a successful business. - over 100,000 unique resources for entrepreneurs.  Articles are added daily.  - a site committed to NY's small business success.  Business incubators are also listed by State.

Note:  Search on-line for "premier sites for entrpreneurs"  (insert the area of the country you are interested in and/or the type of business you intend to start).