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Criminal Justice: Planning Your Research

A collection of resources useful for Criminal Justice research.

Browsing for Topic Ideas

One way to get ideas for a research topic is to browse through lists of topics in reference books and databases.

Opposing Viewpoints can be a great place to get topic ideas.

Interlibrary Loan

Faculty and students can use the interlibrary loan service to borrow materials that are not available locally. Borrow books or articles from a CCC campus or beyond.

Using Background Readings

Reference sources such as specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks are good places to begin research on a topic. Articles and entries in these publications are often written by scholars in the field. Encyclopedia articles can provide:

  • background information
  • topic overviews
  • basic facts about a topic
  • definitions of related terms
  • lists of additional sources and recommended readings.

Locating Print Sources

The Library owns specialized encyclopedias and other types of reference sources in many academic disciplines, or fields of study. 

Titles in the reference collection can be searched in the Cayuga Discovery Search, using a general subject area as a search term. For example:

criminology AND encyclopedia

criminal justice AND dictionary

The reference shelves can also be browsed by general subject area, using the Library of Congress system of call numbers. 

Always ask a reference librarian for additional help.