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Health & Wellness: Books & Media

This guides provides links to resources about health, wellness, and nutrition.

Searching the CAYLIB Catalog

We recommend that you use the Advanced search features when searching for books or periodical articles in a specific content area

Search Tips

1) Limit your results for the resources that will be most appropriate to your topic.

You can limit by Full Text articles, to Peer-Reviewed articles that have been read and approved by a group of professionals, and to results found just in our Library Catalog. And that's just on the main CAYLIB search screen.

If you utilize the Advanced search options, you have even more control over the results your search will retrieve. You can limit your results by the disciplines you are interested in, the publication date, type of materials, and more. You can also edit these features in the menu on the left hand side of your search results.

2) Use Boolean Search terms!

AND- Retrieves results that include both terms. For example, searching Food AND Nutrition will only display articles that include both terms.

OR- Retrieves results that have either of the search terms. For example, Diet OR Obesity will retrieve articles with either or both terms.

NOT- Excludes a term from the results. For example, Physical therapy NOT sports will bring up materials that do not include treatment of sports injuries.

ASTERISK *- If you want to keep your results broad and the topic you are using has several possible endings you can use an *. For example, Nurs* will return results about Nurse, Nurses, Nursing.

QUOTES- To search for an exact phrase you can put it in quotation marks. For example, "children's health" will only return results with that phrase. You can also combine that with other terms using AND, OR, and NOT, like "children's health" AND diet.

PARETHESES- Allows for a more complex search by combining terms. For example, (Radiography OR Radiology) AND chest will retrieve results about chest scans by both Radiologists and Radiographers.

Browsing for Books on Nutrition

The CCC libraries use the Library of Congress Classification System to organize books and other materials on the shelves. 

Books and media on topics related to Nutrition, Diet, and Food can be found shelved under these classification numbers:

QP 141

RA 784

RM 216

TX 360

Please speak to the reference librarian if you need help finding books on a specific topic.