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Accessibility: Accessibility


To ensure that all Cayuga Community College faculty, staff, students and visitors have access to the libraries' collections, resources and facilities, a variety of services are provided to assist users with disabilities.  Anyone conducting research in the Learning Commons Libraries may request staff assistance.

Assistive Technology

Several types of assistive technology are available through the Office of Accessibility Resources. Click here to see a full list.

The Learning Commons Library also has height-adjustable tables for those in need. Please see a member of the staff if you need this adjusted or if you need the font on your computer to be enlarged.

Book Retrieval

We provide physical assistance with retrieving books from the shelves.  Most requests can be accommodated immediately. However, if requesting multiple items, please call the library in advance so that staff can have the items ready for pick-up at the library services desk.  For more information, call the Cayuga Community College Library Services Desk - Auburn: (315) 294-8596 or Fulton (315) 593-9319- or email us at

Building Access

The Learning Commons Libraries in Auburn and in Fulton are accessible by wheelchair.  In Auburn, use the elevator in the lobby below the Learning Common Library to reach "Floor 2". A ramp is available for special cases. If you need special assistance in order to visit the Learning Commons Libraries, please contact us before you come.

Course Materials & Textbooks

Students with visual and/or auditory impairments who need to obtain textbooks or course readings in an accessible format should email the CCC Office of Accessibility Resources.

Printing and Scanning

We provide assistance with printing and scanning and have accessible scanners in each Learning Commons Library.  If you need assistance, please visit the Library Services Desk.


Visitors needing accommodations may request assistance at the Library Services Desk.

Private Study or Work Spaces

We have quiet study spaces for those needing a reduced stimulus environment. A privately assigned study space may also be requested for a specified period of time.

Accessible Restrooms

On each campus, there are accessible restrooms in the hall near the Learning Commons Library.