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ENG 101 [Sevik]: Day 1 - Beginning the Research Process

Day 1 - Beginning the Research Process

The Research Process

PHASE I: The Discovery Phase

Collect background information in order to understand how a topic is being discussed.


1. Evaluate the Information Need is it an assignment? A final project? A personal inquiry?

2. Identify a topic, ideas, and/or subject you would like to know more about & Evaluate

3. Background Research! & Evaluate

4. Narrowing the scope/focus of your research with more focused background research & Evaluate

5. Formulate a Research Question or Working (Hypo)thesis & Evaluate


PHASE II: The Information Seeking Phase

You have a well-focused research question and you're ready to search and locate resources and information to answer your question.

6. Find Resources & Evaluate

7. Gathering Information/evidence from your Resources & Evaluate

8. Conduct an Experiment & Evaluate

9. Analyze and Interpret the Information Gathered & Evaluate

10. Come to a Conclusion & Finalize your Thesis or argument & Evaluate

Step 1: Evaluate the Information Need

Choosing a Topic IS Research Video

Step 2: Exploring Topics


Day 2 - Types of Resources

Choosing a Topic IS Research

Today's Research Task

Day 3 - Finalizing Your Research Question