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MLA Documentation Help: MLA Documentation Style

This guide provides help with citation and documentation in MLA format

Using ths Guide

This guide gives examples of citations for books, periodicals, media, and online sources for a works cited page. To view examples, select the appropriate type of publication from the tabs across the top of the guide. For more information about documentation, look at the research guide Citation, Documentation, and Avoiding Plagiarism.

Using MLA Citation Style

Documentation styles provide guidelines for citing sources within a research project as well as in a list of references or works cited. These documentation guidelines are established by various professional organizations according to the discipline or field of study. The MLA style of documentation is widely used in displines in the humanities and social sciences, including literature, history, religion, the arts, and philosophy .

Each time ideas, information, or images are taken from a work that is not your own, the original source must be cited. Types of sources include websites, books, textbooks, journal articles, television shows, movies, photographs, emails, and interviews. Citing Sources through proper documentation serves several purposes, including:

  • providing complete publication information for a source
  • giving credit to the original creator of a source
  • enabling the reader to more easily find an original source
  • providing a standardized style for recording that information

Check with the course instructor to determine which style is required for your research project. Follow the links in this guide for assistance with commonly used types of resources.

Additional information is available from the Modern Language Association website: